Server upkeep, bandwidth and my time all have their cost. At one point I was thinking about shutting the project down because expenses were adding up. One of the bitcointalk users suggested that we start doing autodonations. And honestly - it is starting to work out. I can devote more of my time to this distro, and I'm hoping to turn it into one of the best mining distributions around. If you think this is not fair, or if you feel that you can contribute to project in some other way - please contact me - I'll be glad to remove the restriction and find another way around for our mutual benefit. Its on you to decided. Of course, you can always opt not to use this distribution or hack the auto-donations away - but please consider the fact that in all reality - this donation is not going to affect your litecoin input really. Rejection ratio, which is normal during mining (this is basically % of daily time for which hash calculations are not used for technical reasons) is also around 1% of hashing power (1% fee). Also price fluctuations are much much larger than donation that *will* be used to further enhance this distribution, and provide best drivers with best optimizations for as wide variety of cards as I can test out there. Also optimizations provided by this distribution should be more than 1% which is allocated as donation time. So yes - in a way SMOS comes with certain small price - but benefits it gives should out weight the donations for the project.
Please download SMOS from official website. Some people were complaining that distribution was taking much more than 1% of the mining time - but they didn't download the SMOS from official site. All recent updates and upgrades with valid distribution can be found at Support our efforts, help us gather best mining tools around - and help us help you in attaining best performances possible with least effort. Join our community. Thank you.

Donations are welcome for existence:
BTC: 1GAVdsf2j3kYDk1kjfP1bWoDcXhizrRDjB
LTC: LYJ7YL9akXmRo249Kj7y59o4x813NeFpA8