Linux installation - After download of SMOS the next step to make USB bootable:

cd ~/
unzip -x
dd if=~/SMOS-Linux-2.0.img of=/dev/sdX bs=1M

Change "X" in command line to letter of your USB Device. This "X" in part of line "of=/dev/sdX".

Windows installation - Download Disk Imager first from:

Insert your USB.
Select the drive letter assigned to your USB.
Start Disk Imager.
Select the downloaded IMG file (SMOS-Linux-2.0.img) and target device, and click Write.

Mac installation - Insert the USB stick and open terminal to find out which device is the USB stick (e.g. dev/disk2), type:

diskutil list
diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskX
sudo dd if=/path/to/SMOS-Linux-2.0.img of=/dev/diskX bs=10m

Change "X" in command line to letter of your USB Device. This "X" in part of line "of=/dev/diskX".

** Linux, Widnows, Mac - Writing on the USB will take some time. Remove your flash media when the operation is completed.
When it finishes, you will need to turn off your rig and boot your USB stick.
Set Legacy Boot mode in your BIOS settings before first run.

SMOS Linux is ready for use now. The next steps are to set up pool and config information after your rig boots up. Got to How to use page where you can find all necessary information.

News & Change log

SMOS Linux 2.0 release supproted by the best developemnt team and miner suggestion in the last 6 month we published the new version. SMOS Linux is the most used linux in the last 5 years for mining. Try it now.

  • Update 2.0.4 - 09.4.2018.
  1. Added Claymore Dual Ethereum 11.6
  2. Added Claymore CryptoNote hardfork support 11.3
  • Update 2.0.3 - 27.3.2018.
  1. Added lolminer 0.33
  2. Added bminer 6.0.0
  3. Fixed bug with 0 GPUs after reboot on dstms miner.
  • Update 2.0.2 - 19.3.2018.
  1. Added lolminer 0.31
  2. Added optiminer stable version 2.0
  3. Fixed NVIDIA Counter for 10+ GPUs
  4. Fixed FARM Issue with dstms miner
  5. Telegram issue with missing @ fixed
  6. SMOS Panel fixes and improvements in backend
  • Update 2.0.1 - 15.3.2018.
  1. Telegram Notifications added (tips)
  2. Fixed issue with NVIDIA Clocks
  3. Blinking Issue for Read-Only Fixed
  4. Limit changed for NVIDIA Cards - Overclocking
  5. Fixed Fan Issue for 10+ GPUs on NVIDIA
  6. Claymore 11.5 Added
  7. Miner Notice and Explanation added in Configuration Panel
  8. Added sol/s parameter calculation
  • Release 2.0 - 18.2.2018.
  1. Dual Mining AMD + Nvidia
  2. Profitability Mining Switcher (screenshot)
  3. Email Notifications when RIG is OFFLINE
  4. Overclocking Profiles history
  5. Modding AMD BIOS (in three clicks)
  6. Fully dedicated Operating System
  7. Secure Rig without external control of your rig, just read-only monitoring
  8. Custom FARM name
  9. New Graphs Panel
  10. Redesigned control miner panel (screenshot)
  11. Miners switcher (screenshot)
  12. Miner configuration (screenshot)
  13. Easy setup of static IP
  14. Supports up to 14 GPUs
  15. Support to miners from Dashboard
  16. Auto Rigs detector and auto monitoring (screenshot)
  17. Friendly user graphs and interface
  18. Easy Software Switcher