SMOS Version 3.0.14

Release date: 06.03.2018.
  1. Fixing boot issue caused by CONIFG partition (thanks to @Wizard, @nospam, @Six Litr for reporting the issue)
  2. Updating CUDA files for newly compiled ccminer's
  3. Cleaning lock file when lock is stacked without changes. The lock will be cleaned after 5 minutes if no changes
  4. Update counter fixed
  5. EWBFs Cuda Equihash Miner 0.2 integration runtime fixed
  6. Removing rig from display fix
  7. Improved search logic at dashboard
  8. Added EWBFs Cuda Equihash Miner 0.2
  9. Fixed bugs reported by users in SMOS CC
  10. Added auto replacement of Worker name with Rig Name - Read More
  11. Fixed issue with wrong config description
  12. Fixes in profile edit updates

SMOS Version 3.0

Release date: 06.25.2018.
  1. The minimum requirement USB for installation is 8GB
  2. Remote control access from any location
  3. Easy user interface with Light and Dark theme
  4. Miner log, System log and Errors output for each machine
  5. Telegram and E-mail notifications
  6. Profiles improvement and history
  7. BIOS Control
  8. Activity logs and Access logs
  9. Advanced graph statistics (temperature, hash rate, shares, watts)
  10. New NVIDIA drivers
  11. Implemented PCI-e Detector of GPUs
  12. Kernel 4.17.2 with hwmon improvements
  13. AMD Undervolting (~20% less power consuming)
  14. Auto Rig restart on failure of software/rig and display of errors
  15. New Software: Claymore 11.8, dstms 0.6.1, xmr-stak Alloy 2.4.5, bminer 9.0, xmr-stak 2.4.4, noaminer 1.0, ccminer KlausT 8.21
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You're all set

We recommend that you read the documentation which you can find in SMOS Control Center.

For all questions please do visit our support on Slack channel.