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SMOS is the simplest OS for miners. The best and the simplest method of control has been implemented. With this approach your mining will be much faster and easy to use, you can control it and manipulate it from different locations. Also, you have a possibility to check your rig from different locations without using any credentials.

Are my GPU's compatible?

By using our OS you have a possibility to use AMD and NVIDIA cards in the same time or separately.


nvidia card icon
nVidia GTX cards
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AMD RX cards

Download latest SMOS version 3.0.14

Now that you have established that you can use our OS, download our latest version


Minimum requirements for this system is a USB that has 8GB it would be preferable 3.0 USB or any SSD disk

Installing SMOS

Installing SMOS to an 8GB USB (For Maximum Utilization use 3.0.14 USB or any SSD disk):

  1. Download latest version of SMOS Linux
  2. Unpack the downloaded file
  3. Install SMOS on USB/SSD using Etcher tool (supports Windows, Linux and MacOS)
  4. Plug-In your USB/SSD on your computer/laptop and open CONFIG partition

How to Start

Setup SMOS in just few minutes

  1. Open file miner.cfg located on CONFIG partition plugged on your computer/laptop (Not the Rig)
  2. Change "[email protected]" to your e-mail address inside quotes (Don't delete quotes inside miner.cfg file)
  3. Save the file and safely remove USB/SSD
  4. Plug-In SMOS USB/SSD on your rig and start
  5. Final step is to register on SMOS Control Center (SMOS CC)
  6. Go to SMOS CC and Create an Account with the same e-mail address you have entered in miner.cfg file
  7. Additional documents (Profiles, GPU overclocking, Software list, etc.) are located inside SMOS CC
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You're all set

After the steps mentioned above, your rig will appear in SMOS Control Center. Access the SMOS CC and navigate trough controls of your rig.

We recommend that you read the documentation which you can find in SMOS Control Center.

For all questions please do visit our support on Slack channel.