How to Start

These are some pieces of information about SMOS Control Center (updates, process and infos)

  • The Rig Data updates every 20 seconds and Dashboard refreshes automatically - You do not need to refresh the page
  • The Rig Data will be marked with if there is no activity or mining process from Rig in last 2 minutes
  • SMOS Linux has an auto-update for every new version release. You don't need to download the new image every time, the core image from website will be auto-updated at last version at first boot
  • If accepted/rejected shares are showing only in the first GPU row - The mining software API isn't providing information for each GPU individually
  • A Telegram notification will be sent after the rig is unavailable for 10 minutes
  • Email notifications are enabled by default and a notification will be sent after the rig is unavailable for 15 minutes
  • Changing the Farm name will take effect immediately
  • Rig is working - mining in progress
  • Rig is working - mining stopped
  • Rig isn't working - mining stopped
  • Also, you have the option to control your rigs from the Dashboard by clicking to (Rig Settings, Profiles, OC Preset, Restart Miner/Rig)
  • Rig Auto Detection is disabled by default. To have this option enabled, go to your User Settings and enable Rig Auto Detection. Once it's enabled, your Rig will show up on the dashboard if you are in the same local area network with your Rig. If you are not at the same location as your Rig please fill a field with a custom IP Address and enter your Rig remote location IP. After that Rig will show up on the dashboard, when all of your rigs show up, disable Auto Rig Detection.

  • The rigs will automatically appear in the list if you set your email address attached to config /opt/config/miner.cfg file
  • The rigs can only be deleted by Users
  • Hash rate parameters (MH/s, H/s, etc) needs to be changed in Rig Settings if you are changing the mining software. Default parameter is M/hs
  • Default SSH user and password are smos/smoslinux and there is an option to change the password via the web interface - recommended
  • Each box has information about Internal IP, Number of GPUs, Assigned Profile, Assigned OC Preset, Assigned Farm, SMOS Version
  • By clicking a button, you can easily set Profiles and Presets, restart the mining software, or the whole rig, if needed.

  • By default, after registration of the new SMOS user, the list of profiles is empty
  • Create your first profile in order to start Mining with SMOS
  • Each Profile has settings and there are options to (Assign Rigs, Reload/Restart Rig/ or Edit/Delete Profile)
  • Clicking "Delete Profile" will remove the selected profile, only if there aren't any Rigs linked
  • Clicking "Restart Miners"/"Restart rigs" will automatically restart the mining software/rigs, on ALL linked rigs
  • Rigs Amount - Number of linked rigs on the profile
  • Cards Amount - Number of linked cards (from rigs) on the Profile
  • ETH profitability calculator is based on real time estimate. Enter your electricity cost and pool fee to have daily earning calculations.

    Profile Summary
  • Profile Summary provides the list of all rigs mining on SMOS (right side)
  • On the left side there is selected Profile summary.
  • Each Rig has a column with information about current software, software version, number of cards, hostname and status (live/off)
  • If the checkbox selected that's mean the rig is already linked to the currently opened profile
  • If there are some rigs without selected checkbox and you want to assign them to mine at a current profile, just click on checkbox and Update

  • Statistics providing graphical charts about hash rate and temperature activity for the last 24 hours
  • Also, Activity Logs are tracking each action on SMOS CC, which means you can easily revert to previous stable settings, regarding clocks, profiles, rigs etc.

  • Miner Start - This will start mining process
  • Miner Stop - This will stop mining process
  • Miner Restart - This will just reload settings on your running Miner without restarting SMOS Operating System
  • Assign Rigs - This will assign all selected Rigs to a selected Profile
  • Rig Restart- This will restart your SMOS Operating System
  • Shutdown Rig - Turns off your Mining Rig. You can start your mining rig again, by using a physical power button, or hardware used for remote rig managment
  • TR Clean - This will reset Total Rig Restarts to 0.